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エコスマ EC[H]O-SMA

"EC[H]O-SMA" (shortened for Ecological activity the Smart way )
Which is more friendly reusables or disposables? One of our projects involves the lending out of reusable dishes. These dishes are for use at vendors, restaurants, and other dining events. Once used, the dishes can be returned to drop off locations. From there, the dishes are picked up, washed, and then used again. This forms a cycle which will create less waste and also good for earth. We request that welfare institutions help by washing the dishes in order to share some of the labor fairly. We will continue to encourage the use of reusable dishes and the separation of garbage according to type. These are great ways to reduce the amounts of packing waste.

Nishigawa Candle Night


エコスマ EC[H]O-SMA

Nishigawa Green Park is where we can feel fresh air and ‘the song of the river’ even though it is located in the center of Okayama City. We hold "candle night" on the beginning of the May every year at there. On that night, handmade recycled candles (Happy Share Candles) are lit instead of street lamps. You can spend time amongst the candlelight and drink organic wine while listening to jazz and bossa nova. We think such a slow and relaxing time can be called ‘going green’.

Happy Share Candle


ハッピーシェアキャンドル Happy Share Candle

This is a project in which we recycle candles that were supposed to be thrown away after wedding parties. We sell candle products such as petit-gift at wedding party to make cycle of candle and hold workshops in which you can make your own original candles at community center. On 2012, we commercialized brand new candle product. Wedding parties are full of happiness, so we feel that we can also share happiness through this project.

Organic Lifestyle Market [ICHI]


有機生活マーケット[いち] Organic Lifestyle Market [ICHI]

On Sunday out of each month, a market opens beside Nishigawa river. In the market, there’s organic produce from the nearby farms, hot meal for taking away, and library of books for reading pleasure. All of these appealing, however it’s not just these contents that makes this market special. It’s also about the people and the concept. The committee members of this market include business owners, company employees, farmers, and dedicated individuals from Non-Profit Organizations. Members all believe in the same concept of having a sustainable lifestyle. Create an opportunity for customers to speak directly with the farmers even if lives in the inner city. From April 2013, this market opens third Sunday of the month.

Candle Coordination


キャンドルコーディネート Candle Coordination

Using handmade Happy Share Candles which have recycled, we coordinate the place to create a special atmosphere. Our candles have been used in a number of famous locations, such as the Naoshima island and the Star Festival at Kibitsuhiko Shrine. The Fantasy Garden at Korakuen, known as one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan, also has lit our candles. Moreover, our candles have also been used in small spaces like bars and pubs.

Rasa × Shiraishi Island


ラサ×白石島 Rasa × Shiraishi Island

Shiraishi Island belongs to the Kasaoka Islands in the Seto Inland Sea. It has a population of about 600 and it is famous for its traditional Shiraishi Dance. We created this project to make opportunities for the revitalization of the island by doing the following: Revitalizing the island by using organic cotton. Growing chemical-free cotton with the people living on the island at the site of an elementary school. Sowing, taking care of the fields, harvesting, spinning threads and weaving. Learning about organic life and feeling the uniqueness of island time through the process of making cloth from seeds by visiting the island throughout the year. Giving visitors a chance to connect with the islanders.



エコプロデュース Eco-produce

In this project we are helping to bring in eco-friendly aspects to the old Japanese-style hotel, Misono. At first, we opened the organic cafe "Misono’s café" on the lobby floor. (2009.07 - 2011.03) We got down to work with the staff at the hotel and have started a "Flea market" for selling used goods from the hotel. We have also asked the Bizen Green Energy Corp to provide an energy diagnosis. We are also changing the way we dispose of used oil and have been installing pellet stoves. The concept of the project is "mixing the space with a green environment".